Saturday, February 4, 2012

Set Your Heart

So, Michael David Gonzales of the blog Set Your Heart noticed my very critical and somewhat unkind response to one of his posts, and dropped by to comment. And I have to hand it to him: the response is polite, well stated, and generally more mature than my post probably merited. I mention this for two reasons:

1. Credit where credit is due. I may not have much in common with Mr. Gonzales, particularly when it comes to our worldviews and beliefs, but he handled himself very well here and I think that deserves notice. Also, having taken a look at his blog in general (as opposed to just focusing on that one particular post), I have to say that the quality of writing is rather higher than that one post might lead you to believe.

2. Aspiring (and even professional) authors should really take note of Mr. Gonzales' response as an example. I've seen far too many writers react badly - childishly, churlishly, pettily - to criticism. This is fine in private, but in any sort of public forum it's unhelpful, and can quickly become destructive to your career and your reputation.

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  1. Wow, he impresses me with how he approached you on your post. Something we all can learn from; not just the authors or aspiring authors!


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