Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More parenting stuff

How many of these posts can I put up before I reach some sort of tipping point and this becomes a parenting blog?

...Not that it matters, I guess, since I've spent the last two weeks being too sick and too busy to write about anything else. So I'm going to torture you with more filial cuteness...

Because. I. Can.

Behold! Secondborn in a bounce house!

Join me below the cut, and I'll see if I can upload some video. Muwahahahahaha!

Secondborn is a daring young man on the flying trapeze! Or, well, swinging over the Pool o' Foam Blocks, anyhow.

Firstborn rides the Zip Line:

Secondborn rides the Zip Line, too:

All of this took place at the birthday party last Sunday. See, I told you I'd put that up! Muwahahaha... er, hope you enjoy it!


  1. Secondborn is adorable :)

    As for parenting blogs? Well, my foray into Mommy Blogging came (mostly) to an unceremonious end a year or so ago when The Gum Zombie (my younger son, now age 9) said something amazingly awesome, then glared at me, "And don't you DARE put that in your blog, Mommy!"


  2. Thanks!

    And, yeah: I'm waiting for the day when the boys are old enough to have opinions about what I write. It will be... interesting.

  3. Wow! My kids would have loved a play area like that.

    My parental postings are pretty much limited to Facebook. My youngest finds it intolerably "awkward" when I mention him in posts, even though it's good stuff and I'm proud of him.

    The two in college tend to post some pretty inappropriate stuff at times and I have to break out Mrs. Frownyface. >:B<( X

  4. I used to keep a parenting journal over on the main site - the side of things - but several of the programs that I was using became obsolete, which made the process a lot harder. So I have, somewhat against my better judgement, moved a lot of that stuff over here under the Parenting tag. I don't know, maybe I should create a second blog for the parenting stuff - there are a few friends, co-workers, and family members who probably shouldn't be introduced to the full range of my opinions - but it's almost certainly too late to worry about that now.


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