Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hearts are not heart-shaped

So Firstborn has realized that the traditional Valentine's Day heart shape bears no actual resemblance to any biological heart. (Hey, these are the things we talk about on the way to school in the morning.) So, for his upcoming birthday, I have offered to get him a genuine plush beating heart.

Firstborn thinks that would be awesome.

Clearly, I am the Best Daddy Ever.


  1. I can't show that to the Gum Zombie, or I'd totally be on the hook for one!

  2. Don't ever let him find the rest of that site, either!

  3. Kids are great. And might I add weird at times, but that makes them great in my book. Reminds me of what my kids wanted and received for Christmas. A filing cabinet and they were thrilled!

  4. Hey, if it makes them happy, I'm there!


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