Friday, February 3, 2012


I have two writing projects and at least two essays/rants that I'd really like to work on. Unfortunately, I'm not quite recovered enough to do any of them justice. So, instead, I'm going to point out that it would absolutely make my election year if the first presidential debate could be hosted by Statler and Waldorf:

Sam The American Eagle could host the second one...

How about you? What would make the incessant absurdities more bearable? Consider this an open thread.


  1. I'd like another good Jib-Jab bit, along the lines of "This Land is Your Land" they put out back in the Kerry/Bush race. That freaking rocked.

  2. Jib Jab is great!

    Melissa McEwan at Shakesville always has something entertaining to say about the debates.

    However, the only thing that could make these debates truly bearable is if they were actors on some absurd reality show that I could ignore rather than people who actually want to lead the nation.


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