Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In which work tries to kill me

So, we found out yesterday that... How to put this?

Okay, my workplace puts out a weekly newsletter. My workplace is also upgrading - or at least replacing - our website. All 4,000+ pages of it. The Go Live date, when we shut down the old server and direct all the web services to the new server, was set for this coming Monday: March 5.

Only someone (who will remain nameless because otherwise this blog post might implicate me to the police later) put in the newsletter that we would be switching over to the new site on Thursday: March 1. And, since boneheaded decisions never come alone, I came in yesterday to discover that we had chosen the clear and obvious path to resolving this little issue. To wit, we would simply go ahead and activate the new site on Thursday, March 1. Those four days of prep time won't make that much difference; who needs 'em?

This transformed the beginning of a very busy week into the beginning of a very large panic.

Fortunately, the Powers That Be relented, and we are back to the original launch date... at least for the moment. We're still panicking, though, because there's no reason to think that they wouldn't just arbitrarily change it back if the notion crept into their heads. So we're still trying to have it ready to go by the end of the day tomorrow.

So I won't be sharing the Mad Scientist's latest invention with you this morning. I'll try to write it down when I get home tonight. Or maybe I'll just collapse and sleep for a few hours; you never know.

I swear, some days there isn't enough whiskey in the world...

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