Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Project That Wouldn't Die (And Ate My Department)

A while back, I posted that we were getting ready to start a new project at work, which would likely eat up a huge amount of time while making very little difference to our overall functionality. Well, the official drop-dead, turn-it-on-and-run-away date is March 7. And, tragically, the zombie apocalypse has not come along in time to avert this disaster.

I did worry, at one point earlier in the process, whether we might manage to input a huge amount of content, and then see it all wiped away by some sort of technical glitch. Well, guess what?

That didn't happen today.

Not quite, anyway.

But I wouldn't put any money on whether or not the firk ding blast thing is still working by the end of the day tomorrow.


  1. Well, if the zombies don't come through for you, there's always Cthulhu.

    Seriously, I hope you can keep the whole clusterfuzzle holding together as long as necessary.

  2. Getting your swear words from Knights of the Dinner Table? Ah, maybe you'll get lucky and a rampaging Gazebo will solve your problem.

  3. @ Glenda - I haven't checked with NASA recently... is there any chance the stars will come into alignment in time?

    @ Rhoadan - Yes, yes I am. (I try to save real swear words for when it really counts!) And as long as the gazebo doesn't eat me, that would be fine.

  4. NASA won't tell you - you have to ask the guy with the tinfoil hat.


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