Saturday, February 25, 2012

Political thread of doom

This is going here so as to avoid derailing another topic in another thread on another blog. The topic is the relative merits of possible presidential candidates for the upcoming presidential election in the U.S.A. I will probably not do much in the way of moderation (the next few days look likely to be busy), so I'll start by asking everyone to keep it civil.

For my part, I think the "anyone but Obama" position is, by its nature, misinformed. There are plenty of people who would make vastly worse presidents than Obama has. That includes pretty much the entire slate of potential Republican candidates, at this point. So I'd start by asking what, specifically, Obama has done that's so completely beyond the pale that people should vow to vote against him under any circumstance.


  1. There is a big difference in the Republican candidates. I'd say the least damaging amongst that lot would be Mitt.

  2. To answer your question, Michael: If you're a progressive, you want Obama out because for some reason you think the president can write, pass, and protect all the laws he wants whenever he wants, and you're bummed that he hasn't actually changed anything substantive from Gee Dubs. If you're a conservative, the facts don't matter and whatever crazy lie scares you the most is the one you go with.

  3. I am probably going to cast a third party vote. I simply can not stomach either major party. The Reuplicans are f*^+*^g crazy and the Democrats have the convictions of a wet noodle.

    Personally I would like a candidate part Jon Stewart, part Ron Paul, part Bernie Sanders

    1. I'm all for Obama, but your candidate sounds pretty good, too. Jenny

  4. I can't see Obama being that bad. If a Republican had been elected in '08 he'd have had a crummy presidency as well (thanks, economy!). In fact, the current Republican slate of "hopefuls" (as in "hopefully they won't get elected please oh please") has my husband so disgusted that he is seriously thinking about voting for Obama too. Considering that he and I historically cancel each other out at the polls, I'd consider that a pretty damning indictment of the current Repub. crop.

  5. What's wrong with Obama? He's black. You don't have to go any further than that -- the vast majority of anti-Obama rhetoric is racist dog whistles.

  6. lightning- I think it's more that people are willing to believe outlandish and obviously false allegations about him because he's black. If he was white we wouldn't hear the ridiculous Sooper Seekrit Muslim talk, but I think the right wingers still would have still made "Socialism" the number one worst thing ever. And people would still believe it because they're on the red team and Obama's on the blue team.

    My country is so stupid.

  7. Everlasting Dave - I don't know... remember the Clinton Death list? Absolute rubbish, but an awful lot of people were quick to believe it. While I think there is a racial element for some people, an awful lot of folks seem willing to believe bizarre and outlandish things because he's not a Republican. We might not hear the "secret Muslim" talking point if his background was a bit different, but there would be something equally bizarre to replace it.

  8. It's difficult for me to condemn these people because I felt almost exactly the same way in 2004. Jenny


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