Monday, February 6, 2012

Did I mention the fequent illnesses?

So, Secondborn has been coughing and running a fever for the last couple of days. It's possible that he got it from one of us. It's also possible that he owes it to that idiot mom who brought her child into his Mother's Day Out program when he'd been running a fever most of the previous night.

Beautiful Wife took him to the pediatrician this morning, and he's been diagnosed with RSV. He's old enough that it isn't much of a danger for him, but it's almost certainly going to mean more late nights and lost sleep for us.

But hey, we're down with it:


  1. The Wife, Ali, and I all had this horrible GI tract illness last week. It was ugly.

    Good luck with your kid.

  2. Hope you guys all kick the creeping crud to the curb.

    Sending chicken soup with rice the only way I can:

  3. Thanks. Hope you guys are getting/staying well.

    Last night didn't go too badly. I grabbed an hour or so nap when I got home last night, and then covered the 'til midnight shift of toddler-coddling so the Beautiful Wife could sleep. Then she took over, and I got a bit a sleep. Secondborn's temperature spiked fairly early in the evening - around 9:30 to 10:00, I want to say - and was back down to something tolerable by midnight. Perhaps equally important, the kiddo was drinking a lot of water and got a pretty decent amount of sleep, so with luck this won't hang on for too long.

  4. Also, we now own a nebulizer, which really sounds like something that Marvin The Martian should be using to blow up the Earth.


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