Friday, March 26, 2021

Writing Progress on Shadow Academy

I got a bit more writing done last night, a fact which borders on the miraculous considering how tired everybody is right now. It's not much -- a single page of opening scene, not like the one I thought I was starting with -- but it's there and if I can just get it nailed down then I can move on to the scenes I really want to write. In fact, I think that may be part of the difficulty I have in trying to write opening scenes: I'm impatient! I want to get on to the scenes that made me want to write this book in the first place! Let's go, let's go! 

Huh. How did I deal with that when I was younger, and writing for hours every evening? I remember that I wrote in kind of the same way: there was always some scene I particularly wanted to get to, or some particular character or setting that I wanted to explore, but... I feel like maybe that actually helped me focus, rather than distracting me? 

All right. Maybe I can give myself a little pep-talk when I go back to it. Something like, "Okay, if you're going to get to those pieces you're going to have to make this one work, so let's buckle down and introduce the things we need to introduce here." What the hell, it might work. 

And in the meantime (i.e. while I'm stuck at work today) I need to figure out what the local customs for greeting a stranger at your gate would look like. So if you've got any thoughts on interesting approaches there, throw them into the comments.

Meanwhile, here's some music from Nightwish:

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