Tuesday, March 9, 2021

EvilParty: The Whole Room's A Sliding Puzzle

 We're still trapped down in the dungeon of puzzles. We've crossed to another section where an apparently-ancient robot is sitting in a chair surrounded by a swarm of flying keys.

The robot is B1137, "I am one of the First."

Chuck introduces himself as a robotic repairman.

B1137 starts asking us questions about the Clockwork God. The first is simple: what plane does he inhabit? The second is a morality question involving a merchant refusing to share food, and a starving child that steals it.

We fail that one. He repeats the question. "Report the crime!" cries Hatch, not feeling the least bit hypocritical about this.

Next question: "A citizen of Nirvana  creates a gear with 32 teeth, forever. The gear is part of a gearbox. Is this citizen happy?"

Us: It should be content with its role.

Next Question: "If the citizen is able to produce sixty-four tooth gears, and do so better than its fellow-citizen. It addresses the speaker to suggest improvements to the system. What should the Keeper do?"

Hatch: Decomission it.

B1137: "That is correct. Individualism has no place in an orderly society."

Hatch accepts the key and tries it, but while there's some creaking and groaning, nothing moves.

We move over to the tiny robot village full of tiny robot villagers. There is music coming from some of the houses.

One of the robots comes out when Jenny calls: "I am C376216. I make the thirty-two toothed gears."

All right, they have priests and they can teach you the Clockwork God's worship song. Before they will tell us, they need help: a hundred of their citizens accidentally crossed into someone else's territory and now will be decommissioned. They need to take care of this before they do anything else.

Ramekin might be small enough to fit in their houses. We send him in to get sheet music. Ramekin follows the sound of music to one particular building. There are no real entertainment centers, but everyone is really happy despite apparently working all the time.

Ramekin turns invisible and goes into the music building. There's an organist and a priest, both tiny little clockwork guys; the priest is giving a blackboard explanation to the citizens about Kwalish.

Ramekin grabs the sheet music. J867-5309 is appalled by the loss of his music and decommissions himself. Ramekin: "Master, I've got the sheet music!"

Hatch: "Great! Get out of there."

Priest: "We must alert the Keeper to send J8675310 to replace J867-5309 who has self-decommissioned."

Ramekin gets back out. We now have the music; we still need a key.

Jenny, meanwhile, is watching a robot go down the rows of misbehaving robots and ripping the plugs out of the back of their necks. This, evidently, is the Keeper.

...And the Key-per does indeed have the key. He's not real keen on giving it to us, but Jenny scoops him up. The keeper's body is larger than the others, barrel-shaped.

"You must put me down immediately. This does not benefit the Clockwork City."

Jenny: "Come at me, bro."

A little antenna starts flashing on  the guy's head and a Marout appears on the far side of the town. The Kaiju Battle in Clockwork Town is about to begin! Jenny: "https://youtu.be/7zhJljblPcY"

Hatch begins with an empowered Scorching Ray and makes it past the spell resistance to do a pretty fair amount of damage. The Marout places a Geas on Jenny to put down the keeper and leave this place.

She breaks the Keeper's neck and drops him, and Chuck hits the body with Shatter. Durest drops Chaos on Jenny's weapon, then steps away. The Marout swings at him as he moves away, damaging him and deafening him.

Hatch zaps him again, and the Marout goes down. Jenny moves far enough away to satisfy the geas, then comes back in and starts stomping.

The alarm goes up and another Marout emerges. Jenny grins. Chuck throws a Lightning Bolt at the thing. Durest tries to banish it, but fails because he's deaf. Hatch, on the other hand, blasts him with a bunch of scorching rays and takes him down. One of the little knight-constructs comes through and casts Hold Person on Jenny.

Chuck moves over and tries the key; the alarm does not stop. Durest banishes the construct, and Jenny shakes off the spell and leave the town, heading around the corner towards the mechanical spider. The alarm stops as she clears the town.

Hatch follows. Chuck drops a fireball on the giant mechanical spider, which takes less damage than it might. Durest casts Fly and moves out over the pit; Bob the Skeleton moves to follow Jenny. The spider activates and attacks, hitting Jenny and trying to poison her; she takes strength damage as well as physical damage.

She rages and power attacks. Three hits, solid and precise, but it's made of metal and resistance to damage. Hatch follows up with Scorching Rays, and Chuck follows that with a Fireball. Durest drops a Flame Strike and Bob moves up beside Jenny. It bites Jenny again; she attacks it again, hitting three times and taking it down despite the damage resistance.

The tips of the spider's legs combine to form a key, but using it on the pedestal does not move anything. We move over to a trio of flying centaurs, murder them, and then take their keys; this pedestal appears to require all three.

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