Monday, March 15, 2021

I need things to stop happening.

I need things to stop happening. Like...

We had the Snowpacoplypse. 

Then we had two weeks of school and trying to get everybody back on schedule. Then we had Spring Break, in the week immediately before Daylight Savings Time starts and we lose an hour of sleep, because that's how you know your children are going to bright and alert and back on their school schedule. 

This, as Beautiful Wife reminds me, after the boys came home for Spring Break last year and never went back. Now we've come full circle. 

And just as the boys are going back to school -- online, but still -- we have their aunt and cousins in town to visit the family. The cousins are really excited to see each other, and would love to spend all their time together... but of course the boys are in school this week, which I'm sure means that the family visiting time is going to take place in the evenings, which I'm equally sure is going to mean that sensible, regular bedtimes are rapidly on their way to the place of long-lost myths and pipe-dream aspirations.*

And meanwhile, Beautiful Wife is starting into her Spring Break, and I of course am still on my regular work hours with several major projects that require my full attention, ha-ha-ha.

So I need things to stop happening. I don't mean I need everything to come to a stop. I just need several weeks -- or preferably months -- during which we can get everybody onto a regular schedule and get back into the sort of rhythm that lets us catch up and keep up with things. I need to get back to where we're managing the day-to-day things... or else I need to be able to drop the day-to-day things completely, and concentrate on steering through the chaos instead. 

Instead, we're stuck trying to do both. And as happy as I am to have the boys on Spring Break or family in town, I really wish it wasn't all happening right now. I wish this wasn't my circus, and these weren't my monkeys. But some days -- some weeks, some months, some goddam years -- are like that, and the only way out is through.

There are good things happening too. Indeed, much of this is, in various ways, a collection of Good Things. It's just taken all together, it's a lot.

* Since we are still in the middle of a goddam global pandemic, I feel compelled to note that this is not a thoughtless bit of selfish social whimsy. There are compelling reasons to have the girls and their mother visit right now, even though it means flying them in. While I haven't discussed it here on the Blog o' Doom, those reasons are yet another situation that's keeping everything chaotic for the foreseeable future. That said, it will be darkly fucking hilarious if this effort manages to get us all infected with COVID.


  1. All I needed to read is this: “ I need things to stop happening.”

    I wholeheartedly agree. Can I just have one ##$%*+% day without a new problem/hassle/stressor cropping up? Just reading the mail can be too much. 😢😢🤬🤬

  2. Honestly, I'm in a similar spot.

    Here's hoping it all slows down soon.

    1. Next week should ease up a bit -- hopefully for you, too.


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