Thursday, March 18, 2021

Ugh... Yep, still going...

Right, yes, Thursday. Definitely. How is this not Friday? Okay... fed boys. Fed me. Forget to medicate the younger boy until just now -- no wonder he keeps popping out of his room to way "Hi!" between classes. Donated blood, drinking tea...

Ugh. This week is going to do me in. It's nothing horrible, it's just a lot going on. 

Slept like a rock last night -- weird dreams, where I was pulling things together for an underwater scientific exploration expedition that would last all semester. (Remind me of when I was last in college? Or better yet, don't? How do I still have dreams about getting ready for college classes, is my point, when college was half my life ago?) Apparently I pack very lightly. 

Also apparently I'm deeply aware of just how fragile the ecosystem might be in an underwater cavern with its own atmosphere, plants, and animals. Because maybe we shouldn't just hang out there, breathing the air and putting a strain on the system. The professors agreed. 

Anyway, apparently it's Thursday. Which seems deeply odd, because when I've put this much effort into the week so far I kind of feel like it should be Friday. But it isn't. And the idea of doing this over again tomorrow seems overwhelming. 

Right, back to work. Plenty to do, plenty to catch up on, plenty to get ready for. Onward and upward. Nothing but good times ahead.

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