Monday, January 21, 2013

You sank my... what?

So I'm playing Battleship with Firstborn, and he sinks one of my ships.

In keeping with the Faux Naval Rules of Engagement, I say: "You sank my... Battleship? Destroyer? Four pegs... Battleship, I think."

Firstborn: "Can I see the instructions?"

Me: "Sure. Is that them on the floor behind you?"

Firstborn leans back (we're playing on the floor) and collects the instructions.

I look back at my board: "Yeah. Four pegs. Battleship."

Firstborn holds up the instructions and gently corrects me: "Acorazado - 4 agujeros."

Me: "What?"

Firstborn, hiding a grin: "Acorazado - 4 agujeros."

Me: "Give me that." I look at the instructions. "Okay, yeah. Acorazado - 4 agujeros." I flip them over, and there - sure enough - is the English version. "Thanks, kiddo."

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