Monday, January 14, 2013

Still Inundated

So, we're still recovering from the broken water pipe at work. There are big fans, and dehumidifiers (I think that's what they're called), and cut-out sections of wall, and a ton or two of misplaced furniture. Misplaced workers, too: we have a lot of people set up in impromptu work centers in the big meeting rooms. My computer was one of the casualties, so I'm working on a teeny little netbook - and let me tell you, man, that's no way to live.

Of course, I'm also moving tables and helping people relocate their PCs, so there's an element of physical activity that isn't usually present in my job. That part is actually kind of fun. And the place is basically dry now, though I'd be afraid to sit on the floor just yet. I'm told that we'll probably have everyone back in their offices sometime around Thursday, which isn't too bad. No word on when I might have a working computer again, though.

We're a bit inundated at home, too. The Beautiful Woman starts teaching at one college next week, and another the week after that. The boys have started back to school, a transition that shouldn't have kicked my butt but did anyway. Secondborn is very, very stuffy - which is making it hard for him to sleep. Then there are the usual cooking, cleaning, and sorting sorts of chores. Oh, and on top of that we have the Boy Scouts, which issue probably deserves a whole separate post of its own; suffice to say that Firstborn's desire to join has added a whole new layer of Holy-Poot-We-Did-Not-Need-This on top of everything else.

TL;DR: Blog posts may be erratic, and writing on other projects is nonexistent.

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  1. Nasty wet carpeting is the bane of my existence. I loathe it to the extent that I'm considering redoing our floors (all except the master bedroom, because I like warm carpet under my feet when I get up) in some sort of laminate that could survive the poor behavior of our cats and the dog with minimal to no impact.


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