Friday, January 18, 2013

Update on the Great Flood

So, it looks like they'll have the walls repaired in time for us to start moving people back to their offices on Tuesday. That's the plan, anyway. Meanwhile, we're still over in a temporary work center elsewhere in the building.

On the plus side, my computer seems to have survived its swim, so I'm back to working on a real monitor and a full-sized keyboard. That's right, I can now put a finger on the keyboard and only hit one key! I'm very excited about this.

And now I find myself wondering what it would have been like to be the SysAdmin on Noah's Ark. Assuming Noah had remembered to include a server room and put data ports in the living quarters, of course. I imagine it would have been pretty rough - goats eating the cables; rats and snakes and things trying to curl up against the back of the servers rack, where it's nice and warm; and, of course, Noah and his family constantly complaining about their connection speeds. ("Why do you even bother to connect, Noah? All you ever do on that computer is play Solitaire...")

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