Friday, January 25, 2013

A writing experiment

Okay, so... I'm trying a writing experiment. Since my longer writing projects seem doomed to remain incomplete, I'm going to try giving one its own blog. The theory is that maybe, since I can apparently manage to keep this blog updated, I can use this format to produce a longer work in bite-sized chunks. Admittedly, this hasn't worked so well with Apocalypse River, but I'm hoping that giving this project its own blog will help keep it from getting lost in the noise of unrelated topics.

...Actually, I'm just hoping that I can make some kind of progress on some kind of longer project, period. Full stop. So it would be completely fair to say that this isn't so much clever planning as existential desperation. And if you're harboring any cynical speculations about how likely I am to start this, keep with it for a while, and then lose track of it completely, well... I'd have a hard time arguing.

Anyway, if you're interested, come visit The Shining Walls.

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