Thursday, July 14, 2011

Zombie Filler

Somebody posted a link to this in the comments of a Slacktivist thread. I haven't gone back to see who it was, but I'm grateful - it cracked me up, especially the music.

Team Zombie!


  1. You need to get yourself a copy of the video game, Dead Rising. Your character is in a shopping mall filled with hundreds and hundreds of zombies and all of the merchandise and mall furnishings serve as weapons for zombie killing. There is a gleeful joy that comes with grabbing random objects and seeing how they will slice, dice, bludgeon or otherwise mutilate zombies.

  2. I really need to upgrade my home technology. I'm still on a PS2 and an original X-box (which I inherited from my brother). And the laptop isn't really set up for graphics much newer than the original Starcraft.


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