Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weird dreams: alien invasion

So the aliens took over and enslaved humanity. And I was wandering around looking for my family in the aftermath, which at one point involved going into the home of one of the aliens and pretending to be just another slave looking for work. Only this particular alien was more sympathetic to humanity, and treated her people more like servants than slaves.

Also, the aliens looked exactly like people (though they acted a little different). I had the impression that they weren't a different species so much as people infected with a particular alien parasite that made it so that their first loyalty was to other infected people. So they were still using human brains to think, and there was some individuation in personalities.

I probably should have known that already, but apparently I'd missed out on the invasion itself... probably because of being in that massive plane-crash. I'd survived the crash because I was substantially tougher and stronger than ordinary human beings (no idea why). I remember being really careful to make sure that the aliens didn't find that out.

Unfortunately, I didn't stay asleep (or stay in that dream, whichever) long enough to find my family or do anything about the aliens. But it was a nice setup for what could have been an interesting story...


  1. Could be the start a wonderful sci-fi novel. :-)

    ... Zoe ~

  2. If I could sit down long enough to really capture the mood of it, I think it would be a lot of fun to write.


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