Monday, July 18, 2011

The summer is trying to kill us

We finished my busy season, which I'm sure I griped about enough already. Then I took a week off, during which time I did a lot more housework than your ordinary vacation would warrant. Then my wife launched into teaching her summer class, which drained a lot of her resources and required me to take over the Putting The Boys To Bed duties for a couple of weeks.

We finished that just in time for my wife's sister to drop her children off with their (the children's) grandmother, my mother-in-law. That means that Nana is looking after one girl, age four, and two twin baby girls, age... I don't know. Four months? Six? Bottle fed, too early to crawl, whatever. Wife's sister, meanwhile, has gone on to Florida for Air Force training; her husband is off sorting out his recently-deceased father's affairs.

On the plus side: My firstborn niece and my firstborn child play together really well, despite the year difference in their ages. So on Sunday I was able to incorporate the cousin into the boy's usual routine, thus allowing her mother (my wife's sister) to get to the airport and go on her way in relative peace. For that matter, the two babies are good too, as babies go.

On the minus side: the babies are babies, and so take a lot of work. The four-year-old is a four-year-old, and so takes a lot of work (admittedly, nowhere near as much as she could). So they arrived late Saturday, and I've been responsible for all three of the older kids for all of Sunday and some significant fraction of Monday evening. Also, owing to the massive amount of help that my mother-in-law has been to us (ask me some time, I will sing her praises), my wife and I feel compelled to help her out with the Three Nieces. Which means more work and less rest for both the Beautiful Wife and myself. Which means me being slightly cranky, and probably having less time to create new posts for the Blog o' Doom.

So you're missing out, for example, on Sunday night's zombie dreams - which really were weird enough to merit their own post. But hey, don't blame me. Blame the babies.

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