Friday, July 1, 2011

Someone start this magazine, please!

So I'm skimming down through a list of magazines for a website. And as I'm going down the list, I encounter:
  • India Today
  • Mother Jones
...And because I was skimming, my brain conflated the two entries into "Indiana Jones Today."

Now I'm all disappointed. I would totally have read that magazine if it really existed. Just think: it could have articles on archaeology, anthropology, cryptozoology, weird science and historical conspiracy theories, travel, and how to use your bullwhip! Who wouldn't read a magazine like that?


  1. I'll tell you who would read it: George Lucas' lawyers.

    What about Mother Goose today, where the news is presented in fairy tale format?

  2. You think Mother Goose doesn't have lawyers, with that "family" she's been running? Dude, she's got enforcers. I'd rather mess with Spielberg.

    I do not want to wake up one morning in some wolf's belly, just 'cause I forgot to send her a cut of the action.


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