Friday, July 15, 2011

Notes from the Mad Science Lab: Guardian Bees!

I see that researchers have successfully employed guardian bees to keep elephants out of croplands in Kenya. This is, of course, great news - especially for the Kenyan farmers. But, as with many modern researchers, I'm concerned that they're not thinking expansively enough.

They are, after all, only building beehives onto the fences around the crops. And they're using perfectly ordinary bees! And, yes, it works - but think of how much more they could be doing!

Consider the possibilities, for example, of a bee grown to the size of a sparrow and trained to act as your bodyguard. Or a swarm of smaller bees which have been modified to regard your personal scent as the smell of their nest. Or, for more specialized applications, I could build a bee that, instead of venom, injects the target with sodium pentothal.

I must find some bees immediately!


  1. Yes! My dream of walking around covered in bees is finally within my grasp!

  2. Indeed, once my technology is perfected, you'll be able to wear your bees anywhere!


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