Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Household rules

I was informed yesterday that we have a new rule in our house. It involves inappropriate language. The rule is that if we catch Firstborn using a bad word, he has to go clean his room. If Firstborn catches either of us using a bad word, we have to take him to Target and buy him a toy.

It's an okay rule, I think, and it addresses something that's definitely becoming an issue.

I just hope my wife can afford it.


  1. I think my sister and her husband may have to consider a rule like this at their house. That adorable little three-year-old nephew of mine already has a potty mouth. What's more...he knows how to use them correctly in a sentence. My BIL will be broke inside of an hour. :)

  2. Yeah, kids are amazingly smart - particularly when it comes to the things you don't want them to pick up on.

  3. on the fourth of July K2 ran around in the living room full of people saying "bad ass" over and over until we figured out what he was saying. It's totally our fault because we say the word ass a lot.

  4. ::laughs:: I can totally picture that.

  5. It's a good rule.

    What I find remarkable is that my kids don't swear at all. I mean not at all and I'm known to throw a F bomb around (at normal stuff like stubbing my toe, etc.).

    Maybe I should adopt your policy. I'll think about it.


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