Monday, June 6, 2022

Yep, there it is...

I tried to pace myself through the end of May, and I almost made it. Still, I managed to postpone the Great Collapse until early June -- now -- which is better than nothing. And I'm really not in full-on collapse, although I'd kind of like to be. I've just... kind of disappeared into books and video games and left the family to mostly fend for themselves. Writing? Nope, that requires having a brain. And just at the moment, I barely have enough brain to keep myself organized, let alone everyone else, let way alone do that and still put some oomph into writing. Duolingo? Same. Reworking the patch jacket I started in high school? Yeah, no. Cleaning the house? I mean, actually yeah kind of, but at a very measured pace. Ran a lot of laundry, didn't sort any of it.

Still... D&D tonight, and I always feel emotionally refreshed afterwards. We're still playing Evil!Party, too, so we'll probably be doing even more horrible things to would-be heroes. Admittedly, our position is a bit precarious right now, but... Eh, later for that. We'll see how it goes and I'll figure out where to put the write-up in the schedule for this week. I certainly don't have anything ready to post after this morning -- and today seems like to be very busy, even before this post goes up. 

Ah, well. Onwards and upwards, my friends and companions. Nothing but good times ahead.

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