Friday, June 3, 2022

Hrm. Friday? Friday.

Well, I was going to do the next installment of the paladins thing -- which is definitely getting out of hand, it was supposed to just be Werendril and Tarric bonding, I swear -- but the week has definitely gotten away from me. So... time to pull myself back together, but in the meantime... 

Some music, I guess? Sure. Music. How about some Xandria? This morning feels kind of... Xandriatic. 

Not a lot of progress on writing this week, obviously, and I'm still trying to get back to Duolingo — plus, there's still a lot of laundry and general cleaning that needs to happen, especially now that the boys have had their first full week off school. And off schedule — bedtime has been an absolute no-go this week. Which... they've done a decent a job of letting me sleep, so I'm picking my battles for the moment. 

Things fall apart, the center cannot hold, but what the Hell, it's home.

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