Friday, June 10, 2022

Plague update

So the general run of COVID has looked like this: 

Beautiful Wife had the earliest symptoms, which showed up mostly as a massive head cold -- lots of mucus, lots of drainage, sore throat -- and felt like it was trying to climb down and become an upper-respiratory thing; the nebulizer helped with that. She was also very tired, which... no surprise there. She seems to be coming out of it now, but she's still sleeping a lot. 

Secondborn was the next one to show up with a fever, but then he's always been more prone to fevers than the rest of us. He slept for about eighteen hours from early Tuesday night into Wednesday, and we had to keep nudging him awake long enough to put Tylenol or Advil into him (alternating) to keep his fever down to something that wasn't dangerous. On Wednesday he got slowly back on his feet and seemed to be much better, but of course it took him a while to go to sleep Wednesday night. Still, he seemed to be more or less back to normal on Thursday. I wasn't quite there -- still tired, though I think some of that was emotional -- but pretty close. A bit of fever in the evening, but nothing life-threatening.

Anyway, we're still being cautious about not going out and potentially exposing anyone else, and Beautiful Wife's throat is still sore, but I think we're coming out of it. 

We've been lucky.

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