Tuesday, June 7, 2022

EvilParty: Battered by the Badass Bridge Battle

Right, so:

Durest is dead. Ferroustopher the iron golem is destroyed. Bob the Frost Giant Skeleton is down, but he’s due to pop back up this round. Jenny is still up and very dangerous, but the remaining Solari have mostly turned invisible and moved out of range. Burhaea has been forcibly returned to her coffin, but Chuck is still up, mobile, and invisible.

Chuck uses one of our magic items to summon Durest’s dead, invisible corpse to him. He then takes Durest and moves a bit away, trying to avoid getting targeted. The spellcasters are pounding Jenny with everything they have left, which is enough to… well… make her notice? I guess?

Bob stands back up and charges up towards Jenny, and Jenny runs further down towards the far end of the bridge, getting out of the invisibility purge. The remaining archers take shots at her, but they haven’t been terribly effective so far and apparently they aren’t about to start now.

Chuck throws a fireball at the cleric with the Invisibility Purge field going. He then summons Jenny over to where he is; she starts yelling at him. The cleric tries to follow Jenny down the bridge but Jenny is gone. Bob continues to endanger himself by running down the bridge and attacking an archer. Jenny yells for Bob to run.

That gets everybody’s attention, but Chuck uses Dimension Door to get out of Dodge before more fireballs start falling. Bob is still back on the bridge, though. And it is at that precise moment that the Invisibility spell wears off. Chuck looks around for someplace to hide, and spots a dark room in the nearby inn. Chuck leaves Jenny and dead Durest on the street, and pulls Bob out. Bob reassembles himself and gives Jenny a big head.

Chuck pays one of the Black Knives to send a message while we hole up and decompose. Or maybe that part’s just Durest. Laroche shows up and takes in the scene. “So what happened to Jenny?”

Chuck: “There’s a solution for every problem.” He recounts how we carved through the Solari.

Cardinal Laroche resurrects Durest, and Chuck levels up. Laroche points out that he probably won’t be able to do this again. Still, the Night of the Crying Sun was a terrible blow to the Solari.

Chuck turns into a bat and flies over the bridge. They’ve reorganized: their guards are pretty much all on flying mounts, the archers are gone, and they’ve swapped in some clerics instead. Still, the overall numbers are low: about where we left them.

We spend some time planning. Jenny will go in at her normal size, so Durest can cast Fly on her. Chuck goes into the water, and Burhaea teleports us to a point midway down the bridge. Chuck will be disintegrating chunks of the support pillar, while the rest of us keep everyone busy and distracted.

Burhaea teleports us in. We’re buffed all to hell: invisible, able to see invisible and otherwise-hidden items, and generally ready to do murder. An alarm goes off the moment we arrive, and the civilians flee. The enemy sorcerers immediately make themselves invisible, for all the good that will do. Durest drops Silence on Jenny as planned, and Jenny heads up and out to start a murder spree. She heads for the nearest cleric, and attacks with her spiked chain. The cleric is blooded but not immediately killed. The cleric moves back and casts Invisibility Purge.

The other cleric also casts Invisibility Purge. Burea moves away from Durest so they can’t target both of us at once, and lobs a fireball at a group of enemies. “I am being forced to destroy you!” she yells. “But they are destroying the bridge down below!”

The sorcerers respond. Four of them attack Jenny, but Magic Missile does not work on her. The other four attack Durest, and Magic Missile works just fine on him. Durest moves towards the south end of the bridge and heals himself. Jenny murders the cleric, and we’re invisible again – at least for the moment. The next cleric moves over to paint us with Invisibility Purge. The other clerics throw Flame Strikes at Jenny, which don’t affect her because Durest has made her immune.

Burhaea continues shouting: “I am being forced to do this! They’re under the bridge!” She throws Power Word Stun at one of the clerics.

Chuck disintegrates another section of bridge, but it’s still standing. Durest is then the target of All The Magic Missiles, but he doesn’t go down yet. He heals himself and then throws a quickened Hold Person on the mage by Jenny. Jenny moves over to the cleric at our end of the bridge (who was stunned by Burhaea) and wallops her with her chain. The other two clerics cast True Seeing on themselves.

Burhaea, still protesting, fireballs another group of spellcasters. They’ve been showing remarkable restraint towards her, and now they’re paying for it. Chuck is still disintegrated the bridge, and shouts “Anarchy in the U.K.!”

Good news: Durest is about to be out of range of a bunch of spells.
Bad news: This is because the pillar is tilting to the side and falling, and taking the whole bridge with it.

There is falling damage, and rubble damage. But on the plus side, mission accomplished: the bridge is destroyed as we were ordered. Durest is in a pile of rubble, but he’s invisible again. He casts Time Stop and does some healing and teleporting around, curing himself and Jenny and ending up at the south end of the bridge. Jenny kills the cleric, then moves over next to a wizard, who is now silenced by her proximity. The sorcerers try scorching rays on Jenny.

Burhaea drops another fireball, and extracts herself from the rubble of the bridge. Chuck commands her to stay by his side; she has no choice but to obey. Chuck throws Disintegrate at the nearest cleric. She shrugs off the worst of it, but takes a lot of damage. She survives, but only barely.

The sorcerers cast Mirror Image on themselves. Durest summons a Vrock, which fills one of the mages with spores and then stuns him. Jenny decides that this is fine, and goes to wipe out one of the remaining clerics. The last cleric moves down far enough to make Chuck visible, but Burhaea is standing there next to him. She fireballs the mages. Again, they’ve been holding back against her and she’s just been murdering them. Bloody tears are running down her face.

The sorcerers start throwing fireballs, more or less at random, into the valley. Chuck is more or less unfazed.

The Vrock attacks sorcerers, and Durests sends a couple of Invisible Stalkers up to help it out. Jenny looks at the last cleric, charges, and annihilates her. Burhaea throws another fireball, killing another of her former allies/friends and injuring another. Chuck throws a fireball of his own, and injures more sorcerers.

The sorcerers finally figure out where Chuck is and drop fireballs there. Chuck mostly dodges them, but still takes a bunch of damage. He stands and dusts himself off.

Durest starts Imploding sorcerers. Jenny finishes off the last cleric, and Burhaea throws a pair of fireballs. The guy that Durest used Hold Person on is still caught, and remains so while we finish cleaning off the battlefield. At last our enemies have fallen, and we move to loot the bodies.

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