Thursday, May 2, 2013

Strange Dreams

Had a really bizarre dream this morning, in which I was visiting an old friend at his school/college (something like that). That in itself was a lot of fun; in real life, I haven't had a chance to hang out with him in nearly a decade.

In the dream, we almost immediately got in trouble - for what, I don't remember. It may not have been terribly clear to begin with. But the campus had this ridiculously intrusive (and armed!) electronic security system, which not only watched nearly everything, but actually had gun turrets and other measures at strategic points.

The security system had been installed by the president of the university, who was played (quite convincingly) by John Malkovich. No, I have no idea why that was, but he was perfect for the part. Anyway...

It turned out that we'd gotten in exactly the right - or else very, very wrong - sort of trouble. The president wasn't going to punish us; he was going to use us to shut down the security system. The system, it seemed, had gone completely out of his control and was now running the university itself. The president, naturally, wanted to regain control before anybody found out what was going on.

This involved the three of us - myself, my old friend, and his friend (Maybe they were roommates? I'm not sure...) sneaking around in some abandoned corridors, dodging security measures, and generally trying to avoid the attention of the security system, which was now getting ready to start assimilating the students. (It had mind control chips or something similar with which it was going to fit the students.)

Unfortunately, I woke up before I found out if we managed to stop the security system.

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