Thursday, May 2, 2013

April is a month for Excperements!

Firstborn brought his April journal home from school today. Unfortunately, unlike the earlier journals, I can't see the prompts he was responding to... but given some of his answers, I can make some fairly reasonable guesses. And, of course, his responses are as quirky as ever:
Magnitisim power to the rescue!

I grew a seed army / magnitisim / volcanoes eruptid.

The baby plant wanted dirt. This one is funny because he's drawn a grid in the illustration; it has two circles in the far left column, and a caption in the bottom row: "Potato mines can only be planted on land."

If I had magnits on my shoes I would use them to go on to the bottom of a ship and go to Ohio and see my cousin Logen.

When I climb trees I normely don't need help. The drawing for this one has a tree and a stick figure. The stick figure says, "Do you need help?" The voice-bubble from the tree says, "No thank you."

The plant is living. The zombie is non-living. Well, sort of.

Sunflower. ''''' "There's a zombie on your lawn. There's a zombie on your lawn. There's a zombie on your lawn. We don't want zombies on the lawn. I dreamed that the Earth was full of the Undead!

One day I hope to see a skylander giants VS. Zombies of ice!

I will do all the hard homework on Monday and get the skylander gaint eyebrawl!

I am pleased to see that my child is just as warped as I am. Not surprised, mind you, but pleased.


  1. Given the sunflower thing, has he been introduced to Plants vs. Zombies from Popcap games? It sounds like he'd love it.

  2. Yes, he's transcribing the lyrics for the song that comes when you've played through the main adventure. That's also where he got the "potato mines can only be planted on land" bit.


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