Friday, May 10, 2013

So, um, I'm not posting that here.

All right. A while back, I mentioned that I was working on pulling some of the short stories I'd put up here into an anthology and making it available for sale. (This, basically, in preference to setting up some sort of "tip jar" arrangement.)

So I collected some of my favorites, put them all together, and started editing to get the manuscript ready. I also figured that I'd put a little something in there that wasn't available here, as a sort of thank-you for anybody who actually buys the thing.

Well... the piece that I was going to put up this afternoon fits the bill nicely. So instead of putting it up here, I'm putting it in there. So I really don't have anything for this afternoon. Um... sorry 'bout that. Instead, have a question to play with:

What is the most socially disruptive superpower you can imagine?

Consider this an open thread.


  1. Truth Detection. At least, when coupled with a personality that simply *must* call out any and all untruths.

  2. A variation on Mink's: uncontrollably forcing everyone around you to tell the complete truth, in an important ambassador/MP.

  3. Heh. Yeah, that could cause some interesting repercussions.

    A friend of mine played a character who could emit pheremones, causing everyone around him to become extremely, um, "turned on". If you had a power like that and couldn't turn it off, well...

  4. I used to think if I wanted to destroy the world, I'd wish for the power to control electrical devices with my mind. What happens when ALL the stoplights in the city turn green at once?


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