Friday, May 24, 2013

Local Bands: Urizen

We just finished the Big Local Music Festival, and - as usual - I've come away from the event with a couple of bands that I'd never heard of previously, but which turn out to be surprisingly good. My personal favorite for this year is Urizen, a band which describes itself as "a theatrical 8-bit-infused heavy rock band from Ft. Worth, TX."

This is largely accurate, though the word "theatrical" may actually be understating things a bit. In addition to the music and the band's outfits, there are various characters who come on stage to interact with the band, the music, and/or each other. The result isn't quite a full-scale musical, but it's considerably more than a typical concert. So if you get a chance, check them out - it's possible to just buy their music, but I'd really recommend catching a live show if you can.

More videos below the cut:

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