Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Soul Reaver figures

Firstborn has a particular liking for the Soul Reaver video games:

I must say, this represents excellent taste on his part; I love those games myself. So it's really no surprise that Firstborn was, well, very interested when he discovered that I own action figures for both Kain and Raziel. He asked if he could have them for his birthday.

Having gone to some effort to acquire them, I told him that I was keeping these two. However, I also told him that I'd have a look online and see if I could find him a set of his own.

Well, I did. And I discovered that Kain, in the original packaging, is going for a good $50 - while Raziel is up at $70. So, um, no. We're going to have come up with another plan.

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