Thursday, May 30, 2013

Notes from the Mad Science Lab: To Do

Taken from the desk in the Mad Science Lab...
To Do:
1. Grocery Store (eggs, toilet paper, shampoo)
2. Oil Change
3. Laundry
4. Finish cloaking system for orbital cannon
5. Send Thank You note to aunt Edna
Really, folks, the life of a mad scientist isn't all that difference from anyone else.


  1. I dunno, does laundry include protective clothing?
    There's also the question of what exactly are you changing the oil of? Nothing so mundane as a car, surely.

  2. That car is just a cover. People tend to notice if you drive around in a cold-fusion vehicle that maintains itself at a constant two feet above the ground. (The part where, since it's a floating car and can't grip the ground, you don't turn or brake so much as counter-accelerate with your plasma jets, well... that also tends to draw attention.)

    And even if the material is a heat-resistant, impact-absorbing monomolecular weave, it still has to get washed now and again.


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