Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Confessions of an Introvert

Alise, over at Alise Write - who recently returned from the Sacred Friendship Gathering, which seems to be a sort of religious bloggers' conference - talks a bit about being an extrovert and asks: What’s your Myers-Briggs personality? How do you feel about meeting new people? Since this struck me funny, I thought I'd share my answer with my own lovely readers:
Heh. I come out at IN?J. (One of my big gripes with the Myers-Briggs system is that I come out very strongly on both sides of the T/F split, which says to me that it isn't always as much of a split as the test would suggest.) It takes me a little while to warm up to new people. Well, I mean, not too long. Six months or so, usually.

(As you might imagine, this had some interesting effects on my dating life. Her: "Oh, now you want to go out with me? After months of barely giving me the time of day?" Me: "Well, I didn't know you yet, did I?" Her: "We've been hanging out for two years now. We were in Middle School together." Me: "...")

Being around people I don't know is stressful - like, borderline demophobia stressful. Give me a small group in a quiet setting, and I'm okay. Put me in a crowd, and I have to make a real effort not to just close up and go away. Alternatively, I'll find someone I do know well, and use them to break the ice and run interference for me. Anything to push back that feeling of panic, you know?


  1. Don't get too frustrated about your MBTI personality, Meyers Briggs is just a horoscope for smart people. Scientifically, Meyers Briggs is about as accurate as astrology.

    So....is your blood type AB? It fits your personality.

  2. ::chuckle::

    Actually, it's A+. Also, I'm an Aquarius born in the year of the Ox. So now you know everything about me, right?

  3. I'm an INFJ, though once in a while it'll switch to T. I'm a fairly strong I, off-the-charts N, F/T (depending on which way the wind's blowing), and slight J (disorganized, but hates spontaneity).

  4. I have this theory that a really strong N rating kind of... erases the distinction between F and T. Which says, again, that the test itself incomplete/insufficient, but there you go.


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