Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Writing Projects

Long, busy weekend. Plus, I got a bit of sunburn - not too bad, but enough to kind of throw me off. Also, this week should be the last stretch of cleanup from the Big Local Music Festival (and by extension, my busy season in general). So, naturally, this morning has been a steady stream of random interruptions. So was most of last week.

I'm tired. I'm cranky. I'm unfocused. If there's an ideal mindset for working on a writing project, this is about as far in the other direction as it's possible to get.

So, naturally, I have a whole new writing project that I'd like to be working on. Because apparently I haven't learned anything from the other nine projects that are sitting around, unfinished. Some of them, I'll probably come back to, someday, if I can ever find the time. Others, I'm pretty sure I missed the window and they'll never get written (or, in one case, re-written). Still, you never know...

So, yeah. Writing for the blog can be done in bits and pieces. Writing for a longer project requires - or at least seems to require, for me - regular writing time in large enough blocks that I can get "into the zone". At this point in my life, that's shockingly hard to come by. Which brings me back, once again, to trying to figure out if there's any way to arrange things - either physically, or in terms of scheduling - that would give me regular blocks of uninterrupted writing time, without dumping my household responsibilities onto the Beautiful Woman. And, honestly, since this is something that comes up every year or so, I'm pretty sure I already know the answer: no. Everything that can be done to create writing time and writing space in our current house and under our current schedule... has been done.

Which brings me back to self-care. I'm absolutely certain that I'd be feeling a lot less mopey and unworthy about my writing if I was fully rested and not fighting off a sinus headache. So that's pretty much the plan: Get Rest. And in the meantime, write as much as can, whenever I can. Who knows? Maybe it'll even work.

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