Friday, May 4, 2012

The Darkened Heart Returns

Good news!

As of midnight last night, the Intern is once again updating his(?) blog over at The Darkened Heart. Why is this good news? Well, for one thing, it means he hasn't simply disappeared. Which, given the way things were going when he last updated, was beginning to look like a distinct possibility. For another, it means that those of us who have been reading along with his investigations may once again get a special look at some of the more obscure items and collections within the Smithsonian Institution's archives, courtesy of their agreement with the Infusco Animi Foundation. And, just possibly, we may finally discover what really happened during that "outbreak" a century ago.

I'd suggest that everyone start from the beginning - even for those of us who were following along back in 2010, it's been long enough to merit a bit of a refresher.

Image is property of Infusco Animi Foundation.

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