Monday, May 7, 2012

Snappy Answers: Makeup

Beautiful Wife: "Why is it that the guys who insist that 'My girlfriend doesn't wear much makeup' are always going out with girls who clearly slather the stuff on with a trowel?"

Me: "Because any guy who would say that clearly knows next to nothing about makeup and how people use it. The statement doesn't actually have anything to do with their girlfriends; it's a sociological marker indicating their complete ignorance on the subject of makeup."

Beautiful Wife: "And they're dating these makeup abusers because they themselves don't know enough about makeup to know any better?"

Me: "Exactly. It's a variation on the classic 'too incompetent to realize they aren't competent' problem."

Beautiful Wife: "Should I be worried that you've actually thought about this?"


  1. There's actually a line of Japanese foundation that comes with an applicator shaped like a miniature trowel...

  2. The ironic thing is that the Guy-Who-Thinks-His-Girlfriend-Doesn't-Wear-Much-Makeup had this exact same conversation with his girlfriend.


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