Friday, May 25, 2012

Pimp My Art Friends 2: Meredith Viner

Visual art has been something of a theme in my life just recently. This isn't deliberate; it's just one of those funny little bits of synchronicity. But, since it has been prominent on my mental radar, I thought I'd take a moment and promote some of my artist friends. Some of these are people I've known in person for decades; others are Imaginary Friends (iFriends), people I only know through the Internet. All of them are awesome.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Meredith Viner. Meredith is a visual artist Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She works primarily in acrylic paint, though like most artists she likes to experiment. In her own words:
Many of my paintings juxtapose two things that don't normally belong together, like a scoop of ice cream with teeth in it, a beautiful mermaid emitting a trail of fart-bubbles...or a self-portrait with birds flying out of my mouth. I like to challenge people's assumptions about art and about the world in general.
She also has a delightfully snarky sense of humor, which (if I recall correctly) is how we met. (Virtually, anyway - we've never met in person.) Her work ranges from charming and and quirky... surreal and slightly disturbing:
So check out her site, and buy things if you're so inclined. Whimsical stuff can be found in the Artfire store; darker stuff resides in the gallery on her main site. There's a lot of cool stuff to see there, so take your time and enjoy!

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