Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More about me

I donated blood at work yesterday. This means that I have, once again, learned my blood type. (As it happens, I learn it every time I give blood, and forget it about two weeks afterwards. I thought this time I'd try writing it down.) It also means that I have something of a social conscience, if it's convenient enough.

In Japan, blood types are associated with personality. This has about the same level of scientific background as Astrology, and serves much the same purpose.*

According to Carter Bloodcare, I am type A+. In theory, this makes me something of a perfectionist, very responsible, and perhaps artistic; also sensitive, and sometime withdrawn. Oddly enough, some of that is actually true.

Just to round out this offering of meaningless data, I am also an Aquarius, and I was born in the Year of the Ox.

As an Aquarius, I'm apparently supposed to be detached, open-minded, extroverted, experimental, and tolerant. I should be able to offer fresh perspectives, and I should enjoy speculation. Also, I seek out change and like to experiment. As with my blood type, some of this is true.

As an Ox, I'm supposed to be hard-working and persistent; I have high standards and can be very demanding. Apparently I'm also supposed to be reserved and observant, patient and loyal. Again, some of this is actually true. (Apparently there's also some variation involving the time of year in which you were born, but I haven't found much detail on that.)

I don't think I entirely understand the appeal of these systems. It seems to me that if you have to learn about yourself from gross generalizations based on date of birth or blood type, something is desperately wrong already. Learn about yourself by watching your actions and reactions, by questioning your motivations, and by analyzing your mistakes. It's a much better method, really.

* That is to say, I don't understand it at all.


  1. I'll remember you're A+ when I need blood.

  2. Okay, this is freaky. I'm an A+ Ox, too. But I'm a Virgo with an Aquarian Moon.

    But, as a Metal Ox (the worst kind of stubborn) I'm probably really obnoxious.


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