Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Driving Needs, part four

"Heads up," said Antoinette, as they stepped out of the pizza parlor. She stepped to one side of the doorway, cupping one hand over her ear and raising the other as if talking through an earbud.

Chris' phone and Elyssa's buzzed almost simultaneously, and they exchanged a glance as they moved to flank their magus. 

"Really?" asked Antoinette. "Jesus. We just can't catch a break, can we? All right, we'll be over there as soon as we can."

Chris nodded to Elyssa, who looked down at her phone, then back up at him. She nodded, and he looked down at his own screen: 

Alert: murder of a mundane by an unregistered outsider. All available Ministry enforcement required on-site ASAP. Cleanup team is en route. Body is public and police are present. Captain Saintcrow will be on site in three minutes. Skinchanger suspected; take all appropriate precautions.

 "You saw it?" asked Antoinette, pulling out her own phone, tapping the screen, and putting it away again. 

Chris and Elyssa nodded, almost in unison. Give me a target, Chris thought. He didn't know what Elyssa was thinking, but she looked every bit as focused as he felt.

"All right," said Antoinette. She drew a deep breath, held it, released it. "Let's go find this thing."

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