Friday, December 16, 2022

Ruin and Werendril: Paternity

"So..." Ruin let the word trail off, then followed up with: "You're raising my children. Or at least one of them."

Werendril nodded, raising the wooden double-scimitar that Akkora had carved for him and giving it a quick spin. "Both," he said. "Anica and Tarric and I are one thing... but Aesa and Rose are still dear to us." 

Ruin hefted the wooden falchion, then lowered it. "Have I failed, O my cousin?"

Werendril stepped in with a lightning-fast double strike, and Ruin parried and slipped back. "I don't believe so," the paladin said, soft and comforting. "You had little choice in leaving this world, and things..." He shrugged, holding his distance.  "...worked out as they did."

Ruin nodded. "But now we have to set things to rights," he said, and attacked. 

Werendril faded back, as difficult to hit as Ruin himself. "Better than hiding here and waiting to see what the Order of Secrets does to the world next."

"I'm wondering if I need to set things right here as well, with Rose and Rune," Ruin admitted, shifting his stance. 

"Maybe," said Werendril, and made a low lunge forward, sweeping up with the main blade of his double-scimitar. 

Ruin parried and stepped back, and Werendril said: "But I think they're both well-cared-for, and you shouldn't be as ashamed as you apparently are. And I would never have had this opportunity if you hadn't come through here." 

"I suppose," answered Ruin, and thrust forward, seeking a way past Werendril's defenses. The paladin was deft, thoroughly practiced, and not about to concede an inch. Ruin thought he was the better swordsman at this point, but Werendril had focused on the double scimitar and might actually be a match for him. "In any case, we're heading on tomorrow to try to free the besieged mages."

"Ruin..." Werendril stepped back, raising the practice blade and his training mask. "The babies like you. Not to mention the rest of us. So just for once, try not to get yourself gruesomely killed." 

Ruin grinned. as he lifted up his mask. "Do you know," he remarked casually, "that it's surprisingly hard to nurture a death-wish when you have children to take care of?"

Werendril shook his head. "I'm very glad to hear it."

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