Monday, December 5, 2022

Busy and also tedious...

That was pretty much this weekend: busy, but also tedious. I got a little more work done on the patch jacket while watching Anna and the Apocalypse, and then Bullet Train. I got a lot done on the kitchen -- not enough, but a lot. Enough to feel like we're catching up, at least. And I got to play in a D&D game on Saturday night - a nice little one-shot in which we went treasure-hunting in a wrecked ship. That one was fun because it was much more problem-solving than most of the games I've played in recently. More D&D tonight, which will be fun; I expect we'll be trying to get a bunch of wizards out of the inn where they're currently under siege by demons. (The wizards themselves aren't really the issue; it's the students and servants and suchlike that are going to make this difficult.)

Not much progress on the writing project, but after this past week that's no great surprise. Hopefully I can get back to looking at that tomorrow. Rest and food and exercise, that's the key to it. Well, that and a spot of free time. 

Work is work, but I'm eligible for paid retirement starting in January. I couldn't actually retire on that, of course, but even so: it's amazing how much that knowledge takes the pressure off things. So... we'll see.

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