Monday, December 19, 2022

How to Suck as a Manager

In recent news, my employer has apparently posted a job opening in the Communications department for a position that is... suspiciously... an extremely precise duplication of my current job description. To be clear, my current job description actually only covers about 1/5 of my current actual job. So at a guess, they're probably planning to remove those responsibilities from me so that they can pretend that they shouldn't have been paying me for the full range of my responsibilities over the last five years or more. Then, when/if they finally do manage to reclassify my job, they can set the salary to match that reduced set of responsibilities. 

Which is a remarkably shitty thing to do.

To make this even more fun: 

  • It looks like this got posted back in early November, meaning that it must have been in place and approved even earlier than that. Despite that...
  • Friday was literally the first I heard of it -- I found out because one of my co-workers said, "Hey did you see that position in Communications? It looks right up your alley. Are you planning to apply for it?" 
  • The new position pays (potentially) more than what I'm currently being paid for the same job title, which in my case -- I'd like to emphasize again -- doesn't even begin to do justice to the full range of my responsibilities. 
  • My immediate supervisor didn't know anything about it either. 
  • Apparently it didn't occur to anyone involved in the decision-making process -- not even the faintest hint of an inkling of a spark of an idea -- to consult with me about how I might feel about this. Which, right now, I honestly can't tell you how I feel about the idea itself, because I'm too busy being rightly pissed off about the sheer level of disrespect that infuses everything around it.

I like my job. I like my workplace, I like the rank-and-file folks that I work with in my department, I like the folks I work with in other departments. But our leadership is absolute shit. And, again, it's probably impolitic to say so -- this blog is not private, and I know damned well that some of my regular readers know who I am and where I work in real life. 

But God fucking damn it, if they don't want me to point out that our leadership actively sucks then they need to work at sucking less.

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