Friday, March 22, 2013

The vital importance of having a Flossideegibbet

This just a little snapshot of a conversation, to give you some idea of what it's like living with me. Especially when I'm exhausted to the point of incoherency. To set the scene, we have both boys in the shower, and they are loud.

Me: {exiting bathroom} "I'm going to go get a floor-towel."

Beautiful Wife: {who can barely hear me} "A what?"

Me: {in hallway} "A floor... towel... thingummy."

Me: {Retrieving a suitable towel} "A whobiddiwhatsit."

Me: {Re-entering bathroom} "Here's your flossideegibbit."

Beautiful Wife: "Flossideegibbit?"

Me: "It's an old Norwegian term for a specialized towel that goes on the floor in the bathroom. They used to be made of reeds, which were called flossi - the same stem as dental floss."

Beautiful Wife: {Brief Pause}

Beautiful Wife: "Well, I feel very Norwegian now."

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