Friday, March 29, 2013

Mock Personals: Mordecai

Name: Mordecai
Occupation: Hunter
Sex: Male
Age: Rather Not Say
Hobbies: Training bloodwings, cleaning guns, reloading, collecting Vault Key pieces.
Seeking: Anyone who can help me find The Vault. Preferably not a xenoarchaeologist, and preferably not insane, but I'll take what I can get. Must not mind gunfire. Guardian Angels preferred.

The first thing people usually notice about me: I'm a stranger in town... and to the whole planet.

What I’m doing with my life: Hunting for The Vault, hoping to find fortune and fame, and clearing out bandits, rakks, scythids, and lots and lots of skags.

The six things I could never do without: My pet bloodwing, a sniper rifle, a revolver, a pistol, a decent ride, and a whole lot of ammunition.

You should message me if: you know how to open The Vault.

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