Thursday, March 14, 2013

Filler: Within Temptation

Okay, so... yeah. I'm sick. Stiff, sore, lethargic, run down... all that lovely stuff. One the one hand, this is a good time for it: Daylight Saving Time has just hit everyone in the forehead with a hammer (metaphorically speaking, of course). On the other hand, this is a particularly bad time to be sick: it's spring break, so taking a half-day sick and going home was nowhere near as calm or restful as I'd hoped.

Rambunctious boys are... rambunctious.

So, instead of anything trying to write anything ('cause, y'know, that requires my brain cells to be working), I'm putting up some music:

How 'bout I throw in a couple more songs below the cut? Sure, why not...

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