Monday, March 11, 2013

If you read one thing this morning...

...Make sure you read chris the cynic's Guide to making Bad Movies for the Sci-Fi Channel. Go. Go now. Seriously. That article has just brightened my morning about a billion lumens. Probably evil alien lumens from beyond space and time, but there you go. Just read it.

What, you want a sample? Okay, fine.
Now you may be thinking at this point that you'll never make a movie for the Sci-Fi Channel because you don't know anything about the genre, or movies, or writing, or acting, or plots, or story telling, or any of that stuff. In fact, that's what makes it so likely that you will be approached to make movie for the Sci-Fi Channel.

If you knew how to write a script, they'd probably reject you out of hand. Trust me on this, I've been watching their movies for years.
Right? Now go, read, and enjoy. Your future Emperor commands you.

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