Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Real Work Conversations: Helpdesk Ticket

Boss: Did you get an email back from the helpdesk?

Me: Yes.

Boss: What did it say?

Me: I don't know.

Boss: You didn't read it?

Me: I tried to read it. The words are in English, but the sentence is in babbly-gook.

Boss: Babbly-gook?

Me: Babbly-gook. Apparently they want to know if we used this one particular version of one thing to do something to some other thing. I'm guessing we didn't.

Boss: Guessing.

Me: Well, it would be a better guess if I had any idea what they were talking about. Should I write them back and tell them that I recarbonated the fibrillation unit on the oscillation overthruster?

Boss: Oscillation... No, no you shouldn't.

Boss: Besides, it's been a few years. They probably wouldn't catch the reference.

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