Saturday, April 21, 2012

Second Sick Kiddo

So, Firstborn got antibiotics and immediately started feeling better. That was a couple of days ago. Last night, Secondborn produced a high fever - like 103 degrees - and sure enough, he has Strep too. Both boys are currently on the couch watching Elmo, like so:
This is... really not how I'd hoped to start the weekend. But, okay, we'll figure it out. We have resources; we can afford medicine; we can spell each other so everybody gets sleep. But still... Oy.


  1. It's the domino theory -- once one gets the bug they all go down.

  2. Just remember to make sure they take the full course of antibiotics. Not doing so leads to resistant bugs and more misery.

  3. @ Rhoadan - Yes, absolutely. We're actually a bit obsessive about it.


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