Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Vision

Over at Charity. Mercy. Restraint., S.Z.B. suggested sponsoring a child through World Vision. I did some looking, and they look like a good, responsible outfit - plus, they appear to have a strict policy against proselytizing.

Think about it. It's a way to do some tangible good in the world.


  1. Err, I don't know that World Vision has that strong of a policy against proselytizing, even if they say they do. I've actually done quite a bit of fundraising for World Vision by organizing the 30 Hour Famine for my church groups, but since then I gotten the impression that they are a very socially conservative organization. Even though I'm Christian, I don't want my aid organizations to be against birth control or homosexuality. I personally like Oxfam, because they tend to think big picture in their work.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up. They do at least have an official policy against proselytizing - or, as you say, they claim to - but I don't know how well they enforce that, or whether it's just one of those official positions that doesn't actually happen in practice. I'll definitely give Oxfam a look, too.

  3. Oxfam is a great and very neutral charity. And it does great work.

    I'd like to offer a third option. Micro-credit charities. These operate on the lowest level, extending small and short term credit to people who want to invest to improve their lives. Think 50 dollars for a sewing machine, which will earn them 5 dollars a week. If they are able to pay back the credit, they will, and it will be reinvested in another person.

    It has a very good investment-result ratio.

  4. I want to say some things on World Vision's behalf. I sponsor 52 children from all over the world - Christian countries as well as countries such as Myanmar, Niger, Indonesia, and other VERY non-Christian countries - they make it very clear to NOT communicate anything that is Christian oriented to your children, unless your child specifically asks you about your religion and even then you have to be careful. As for World Vision's stance on homosexuality - they are totally not anti-gay. They believe that the main problems in this world are helping children and adults alike be able to live productive and healthy lives - they even provide many communities with sex education and condoms so that AIDS does not get spread. Whether or not someone is gay is not an issue for them - though they would probably tell you not to tell your sponsored child that you are gay for cultural concerns. I know this because I specifically asked World Vision about these stances. I am pro-gay, anti-abortion, and pro-sex education so I had a lot of very good questions. And yes, they even provide birth control when requested but not abortion. Yes they are a Christian organization and will provide certain communities with Christian enhancement if it is requested, but they do not go out of there way to spread Christianity in non-Christian countries unlike Compassion International. They are a very legit organization and I am happy to be a part of it!

  5. I don't really have a lot to add to that, but thanks for adding your perspective!


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