Friday, April 20, 2012

Another contrasting graphic

It just occurred to me (forgive me, I'm slow) that the atheism graphic referenced in my previous post is almost certainly a response to this description of Christianity:
...That makes the follow-up graphic seem a whole lot less random.


  1. Zombies don't come back to life and talk to people and say they love them. Communion is not to be confused with cannibalism. It is a remembrance of Who died for us and that we need him every day in our lives.

  2. Nevertheless, it's a bit hard to hear, "Take, eat. This is my body, given for you," and not make the association with cannibalism. Not that I'm endorsing this as a view of Chrisianity, mind you; I was actually more interested in seeing how this fits in with the "atheism... makes perfect sense" graphic in the post just before this one.

    And, actually, there are plenty of stories of people returning from the grave to tell people that they love them, or to resolve other unfinished business. Sometimes they're described as ghostly and intangible, but sometimes they have physical bodies. Admittedly, they aren't usually referred to as "zombies" - I think "revenants" is a better term, if they're called anything specific at all - but there's plenty of literature about such things.

    But, again, this graphic does not represent my personal views.


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